Business to Business Directory – Ways to Get Links and Traffic to Your Site Immediately

Business directory is mentioned when one refers to the Internet. Business to business directories are a great way of marketing your business as people today would rather use a directory as they provide relevant results with very little effort, especially online directories because you can enter your search term and see all of the relevant results listed.Business directories are mostly useful for other businesses, when they are looking for services and products not available through their own business. But, even direct consumers find business directories to be useful, especially when they prefer to make direct online purchases from the most suitable seller. Business to business directories often restrict their listings to businesses in a specified region, making it even easier to find sellers near you. Many directories provide a search facility to narrow down the list of businesses displayed.Now please understand that getting links to your site increases traffic and boosts your rankings in the search engines queries. In this short article I will explain what is a business to business directory, and methods I used for getting links to these directories:A business to business directory, enables an association to publish their members’ business details in a searchable online directory accessible to the public.1. Directory submissionIf you don’t have time to do it your self, you should hire some one to do this for you, as this is the best and the safest way to increase your back links.2. Link Exchange With Other WebmastersThis is a slow process and not always reciprocal linking is a good idea, cause search engines place more importance on one-way links than two-way links. Still, it can bring you valorous links, if you have what to exchange with.3. Human Edited Directories for Better RankingsTry and submit to a online business to business directory that is human edited and accepts family friendly websites at either no charge or at cheap rates. Most directory categories include arts, business, computers, reference and education, and all there’s of interest for the family. Submitting to a human edited directory means that the site owner does not accept junk directories and your site has a better change at receiving quality traffic and SE rankings.4. Article SubmissionWrite articles like this one. You can see in the footer my bio-box, that has 1 to 2 links. As you can see, I am not writing the article for nothing!Business to business directories are good to reach out and get found by other businesses. If you decide to primarily focus on business to business transactions, a business directory should be a good source of advertisement for you.Submit your web site for review and inclusion to a fast growing free and paid web directory and increase your website backlinks, popularity and traffic. Below is a free and/or paid website directory that is new, very reliable, easy-to-use, 100% SEO friendly and popular!