Tips to Evolve Your Fitness Business

Forming a new fitness business? Trying to come up with ways to expand your business without investing a lot of money? These ideas can get you started!Options abound and you have lots of choices on how to nurture your fitness business without breaking the bank!Set Up a Website You need to show to your customers that your business has a web presence, it’s simply expected in today’s world. If you’re already tech savvy enough to set up your own site, awesome, but if you don’t know how, try these ideas.- Do you know any kids or college students? A lot of kids these days are able to whip up a decent simple website and you could probably get them to do it for under or around 0. Make sure you review their work before they upload it to the internet.- There are simple programs that help you construct a website such as or These websites can walk you through how to create your first web site and publish it to the web. In my opinion WordPress is the best way to go, being pretty simple and having lots of options you can use to profit and share your skills as a fitness trainer.Make sure your website has information on what services you offer, and is geared towards your target audience. It should contain your contact information, pricing options, and hours of availability.Once you’ve got your site up, submit it to the major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Include any cities or areas that you would like to cover, and use key words that correspond to how your target audience would search. Here’s an example: LA fitness, LA personal training, LA weight loss, LA bootcamps, etc.Low Cost Marketing Tips One way to get free advertising is to post your fitness business services on Craigslist. You should post at least weekly to keep your ads fresh. Include the same kind of key words as above so different searches will find your business in the results.There are places that will print business cards for you for very low costs, such as Your business cards can have a similar design as your website for continuity, or you can use a template from the print company or elsewhere. Put business cards everywhere you go – coffee shops, health food stores, public boards, restrooms, restaurants; get your name out everywhere.A great way to meet potential clients is to talk to large corporations in your area to see if they’re interested in having you do a free demo class for their employees. Emphasize that the benefits of healthier employees will improve their employees’ health, reducing use of personal time and health benefits due to illness (i.e. saving their company money!!). If you get a good response from the employees when you do the free demo, offer an ongoing class or private sessions, whatever the company is interested in.Look out for conferences, expos, and other health-related events happening locally. Even if you don’t have money to rent a booth for the entire event, make sure you go and have your business cards ready – your target audience will be there, and you didn’t even have to pay for the advertising!